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Dosatron is also called water ratio pump . It is used in chicken farm to add medicine to water. The Dosatron can also be used in car washing , chemical industry, agricultrural irriation etc.

Application: poultry farm medication , car washing , chemical , horticultural ,agricultural irriation


1.Just use hydraulic drive (no electricity use ), add a concentrated dose accurately

2.Dilute variety of liquid & water soluble material easily. Easy operate and maintain.

3.Easy adjust proportion,

4.High precision, avoid waste of medicine .

5.Four ratio type: 0.07%~0.2%  , 0.2%~2%  ,  1%~5%   , 3%~10%  .

The details of 0.2%~2% Dosatron

Dosage Ratio : 0.2%~2%

Water Flow Range: 10~2500L/h

Operation Pressure: 0.3~0.6bar

Concentrate Additive Injection: 0.02~50L/h

Maximum Temperature: 40℃

Package: carton box

Package weight: 1.85kg/set

Dimension: 525*170*180mm 

france dosatron

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    France DOSATRON


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    0.07%~0.2% , 0.2%~2% , 1%~5% , 3%~10%


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