Henan Dingtuo Machinery And Equipment Co.,Ltd is established in the year 1996. We are a company specialized in the automatic and modernization of poultry farm and agricultural . We have passed the ISO9001 system , have our own R&D team and develop full automatic poultry farming equipment and system. This is labor saving and can rescue farmers from every day’s hard work . The poultry farm equipment produced by us have win a good reputation both China and abroad .The farmers said that our equipment let them raise efficiency and labor saving, also reduce epidemic .

Our main product is layer chicken cage , broiler chicken cage , pullet chicken cage , egg incubator, dewater machine and so on .We are strict to raw material and every step of processing , this make sure our equipment high quality .Our customer and partner always tell us that henan dingtuo’s equipments are best, and introduce their friends choose us .We are proud that we win a good reputation in the market , feel grateful for our customer’s appreciation and introduce us to their local market.

We have export to Nigeria , Uganda , Kenya , Philippines , Indonesia, Pakistan , Canada, Australia,Cameroon, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka ,Nepal and many other countries.As a company in China , we have a experienced , quick-response team , which will help our customer free chicken house design , construction , equipment installation ,equipment upgrade and breeding knowledge conduction etc. We will spare no effert to supply our customer more valve.

Except full automatic poultry farm equipment , we also supply semi-automatic to farmers . As known , meat and egg is necessary food to everybody.We want to help and promote farmers in underdeveloped zone can also use our equipment , and supply meat and egg to their own village or small town , which let local people’s food and life get better and better.

As a farming equipment developer & manufacturer & service supplier. We know that farm development is unbalanced in the world .In some zone , no enough chicken meat and egg to eat and poultry farm still hard work and tired. Some can not afford the high price full automatic machine .And farming development at local not equal to high price equipment. So we devote ourselves to make poultry farm easier in local , develop equipment that farmers affordable , not just high price full automatic one . We think we can supply them economic and affordable equipment , help middle and small farmers can running their farm well through breeding knowledge and skills ,but not the high price one. Let poultry farmers can have thier own chicken farm and running the farm step by step , from small farm to big one. We hope what we do can help and promote the poultry farming development in local , let people have enough meat and egg to eat. Further more ,reduce and eliminate poor and hungry in the world , let life better, let this world prosperity, freedom and justice.