Our Service

Pre-sale service 

we give you solution and answer for poultry shed design , buiding , chicken cage layout design , any things about poultlry farm. Our team will give you a perfect project solution.

On-sale service 

we make sure use good quality material ,and give you production condition every 3 days. We will on time delivery , book the ship and buy insurance for the shipping. We have a lot of products in stock. For chicken cage , the shortest devliery time is 7~12 days. Other products , shortest delivery time is 3 days . For accessories, we will send you standby application and more than order.

After sale service 

Installation——We supply our customer guidence for installation through Installation Conduction Photo, Installation Conduction PPT , Installation Conduction Video. This is a economic method. If it is necessary , we will send engineer to your farm , conduct on-site installation guiding.

Free Training——For automatic system , we will not only send engineer installation , also free training for your workers how to use automatic system , how to maintain and take good care of the system.

Mutual Benefits——For our distributors , if the products of our distributors are unable to sell due to the influnce by market factors , we will seek customer in the same market or near market who are in need of products to help our distributors handle not sold products.

Problem Solving——If there is problem in equipment on using, we will send engineer to your farm and solve this problem. Usually no problems for manual type , low problems for automatic one.

Guaranttee—— Guaranttee time for plastic parts are 5 years . Rusted cage can be replaced for free within 10 years . Replacement parts will be freely delivered to your place. If over guarantee time , we just send you accessories on cost price.

Value-Added Service—— we are not just equipment manufacturer , supplier and server. We also give our customer breeding knowledge , let our customer benefits more from scientific breeding and mordern poultry farm knowledge.