Henan Dingtuo is a innovate and hard work company. We devote ourselves to supply customer high quality , economic ,scientific design equipment .Let our customer can benefit a lot from using our product. And at last acheive our first goal: let poultry farming easier , let life better.

We comply with china’s labour law , environmental protection law. We do not be bloodsucker and let workers work in a bad environmet. All our workers can have enough time to sleep, have meal and rest . Our factory is clean and high efficiency and full of each other’s care. Only this , all the person in the company is spare no effort in job , and use their wisdom and technical produce high quality product .We think the product can still have spirit when all the person work with heart , wisdom, and feel happiness in working time.

For the raw materials ,We use high quality Q235 steel to produce laying cages, chicks cages and broiler cages. Tensile strength of the material is up to 490MPa and elongation reaches 23%. With high hardness and elasticity, it makes our poultry cages hard to deform and extends service life by more than three years.Through cold drawing process, the material obtains extremely high hardness and flexibility.

Now we R&D new material: Mg-Zinc alloy. This material chicken cage is best materials so far. More strong and flexbility, more anti-rust and longer life time.

Remark: To reduce cost, some small factories use Q195 steel wires to make cages. Q195 steels are interior to Q235 in hardness and flexibility. So please pay attention to the material when purchasing poultry cages. Poultry cages made of Q195 can just use 2~3 years . But the first time you can not judge the quality just by eyes, you can touch to feel the strength, bend it to feel flexibility.

Cage Mesh Production: Cold drawing, straightening, welding, end cutting, bending, shaping, hot-dip galvanizing, assembling

Cage Frame Production: Our cage frame is 4mm U-shaped Galvanized Steel Frame. It can bear weight of up to 400kg. With double layer of zinc coating, its service life is up to 15 years.

Cage Mesh Galvanizing: With zinc coating, our poultry cages feature high resistance to corrosion and long service life of up to 20 years.

Feed trough: We use big white PVC feed trough , this type feed trough is big and can used for automatic feeding hopper. 

Remark: some small factory still sell bad green pvc feed trough , or black feed trough. This two kind is short life time. Please pay attention to these accessories when you purchase chicken cage