A Type Automatic Layer Chicken Cage

A Type Automatic layer chicken cage

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Supply Ability:20000 Set/Sets per Month
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China cage is popoular in the world , especially these few years economic development. More and more country need enough egg and chicken meat to satisfy people’s life. So commercial chicken breeding is replace family chicken breeding year by year.

We do a market survey and find that : undeveloped country or zone still manual feeding and manual dung cleaning for chicken . There is also a lot of family chicken breeding in these countries. . But well-developed countries or zone 80% farmers use automatic chcken cage

We want to know what reason lead to this , so we deep study the survey and find the following reasons: (1) undeveloped countries , farmer have less money to use automatic chicken cage . (2) Undeveloped countries, the land price and worker salary is very low, there is no enough industry to supply enough job , people in these country not easy to find job , many is self-employeed or no job. (3) In these country, manual chicken cage can still let farmer get profit , because lower worker salary and good egg&chicken meat price.

But for well-developed countries , it is on the contrary: (1) The land price is very expensive, worker salary is high .(2) farmer have money and able to use automatic chicken cage. (3) Farmer have to choose autoamtic chicken cage, because this is efficiency than maunual cage . Improve efficiency means lower cost and make more money from commercial chicken farm.

Now the world is globalization. Many undeveloped countries have a high speed of economic increase, these countries will also go to industry time and there is no doubt to choose automatic chicken cage . And economic development means high efficiency and refuse waste time low efficiency. So in not long future , more and more farmer will choose automatic chicken cage in these countries, they will have a peace , freedom and better life than now.

Next we introduce you automatic chicken cage.

Automatic chicken cage is constitue of chicken cage , automatic drinking system , automatic feeding hopper , feed pellet machine , automatic manure cleaning equipment , automatic ventilation system, automatic egg collection system.

(1) Chicken cage

Material : Q235 steel or Mg-Zn alloy

Surface treatment: hot galvanized/cold galvanized/plastic coated

Life time : hot galvanized—15~20 years

        Cold galvanized—10~12 years

        Plastic coated—12~15 years

Our advantage: (1)henan dingtuo use Q235 or Mg-Zn alloy. Some other company use Q195 or iron steel. (2) for galvanize , we at least 50 minutes time( zinc thickness is thick , anti-rust) , but some other company only 10 minutes( Zinc thickness is thin and not good, easy rust).

Chicken cage we produce :(1) 3 tiers 90 birds layer chicken cage .(2) 3 tiers 96 birds layer chicken cage. (3) 3 tiers 120 birds layer chicken cage. (4) 4 tiers 120 birds layer chicken cage. (5) 4 tiers 128 birds layer chicken cage. (6) 4 tiers 160 birds layer chicken cage. (7) 4 tiers 200 birds layer chicken cage .(8) 5 tiers 200 birds layer chicken cage. Detail cage specification is following: 

A type layer chicken cage specification

(2) Automatic feeding system

Usage: based on cage system, add feed to cage feed trough when walking

Advantage: high efficiency, average feed device

Working speed: 10m/min

Power: 0.75kw to 2.5kw

(3) Feed pellet machine

Capacity : 1t, 2t ,3t

Power: 2.5KW to 20KW

Usage: 5000 chicken farm , 10000 chicken farm ,20000 chicken farm.

(4) Automatic manure cleaning system

Equipment requirement: electricity

Function: remove chicken dung outside of chicken shed

Type : manure scrapper type or manure belt type .

(5) Automatic egg collection system

Advantage: salve labor , collect egg automaticly.

Equipment Size: 2.2m*1.7m (This is customized based on chicken cage)

(6) Automatic ventilation system

Fan: let air flow , supply fresh air to shed

Cooling pad: Keep shed cool in hot weather, improve egg laying rates.

Our Automatic Chicken Cage Project 

4 tiers chicken cage with feeding hopper machine

4 tiers chicken cage with feeding hopper machine


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    90/96 birds


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