3 tiers 90 birds layer chicken cage

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3 tier 90 birds layer chicken cage

FOB Price:US $80 – 125
Min.Order Quantity :10 Set/Sets
Delivery  Time:10~20 days
Supply Ability:20000 Set/Sets per Month
Shipping Port:Qingdao,Tianjin, Shanghai ,Shenzhen etc
Payment Terms:T/T,L/C,Western Union,MoneyGram,Paypal,Cash etc


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3 tiers 90 birds layer chicken cage is popular in small and middle farm. 3 tiers is about 1.6 meters height , this is easy for worker feed chicken fodder, check and maintain equipment , give chicken injection. Farm 1000 layers , 2000 layers , 5000 layers  capacity always choose this A-90 type cage .

3 tier 90 birds cage structure

Chicken cage is more and more pouplar in many countries .One of the reasons is that chicken cage occupy less land , clean and easy operation , easy to manage the layers , broilers and chicks. Another reason is that layer cage can increase laying egg rates up to 98.5%.

Some new farmer who want to use chicken cage ,maybe not know the structure of layer chicken cage . So let me introduce and show you in the following.

One complete set :

(1) Cage wire mesh , cage frame

(2) Automatic drinking:  water pipe , nipple drinker/nipple cup , water tank/ pressure regulator, “T” connector , “I” connnector, “L”connector,  Dosatron and filter.

(3) Feeding part :  feed trough , feeder connector, end block. This is munual chicken cage configuration(all layer cage is automatic drinking system ).

If you want to save labor , we have automatic feeding hopper , automatic manure cleaning , automatic ventilation system used together chicken cage.


3 tiers 90 birds chicken cage

Cage basket size

(1) 195cm* 35cm* 38cm
(2)  5 small cage cells, 3 birds/cell
(3) Sliding door or lifting door

3 tiers chicken cage3 tiers of 90 birds layer cage

Full cage system size

1) A type, 3 tiers
2) 6 cage baskets
3) Capacity: 90 birds
4) 2m by 1.9m by 1.6m

The above is 3 tiers 90 birds layer chicken cage details, we also produce: (1) 96 birds layer chicken cage. (2) 3 tiers 120 birds layer chicken cage. (3) 4 tiers 120 birds layer chicken cage. (4) 4 tiers 128 birds layer chicken cage. (5) 4 tiers 160 birds layer chicken cage. (6) 4 tiers 200 birds layer chicken cage .(5) 5 tiers 200 birds layer chicken cage. Detail cage specification is following: 

A type layer cage size

Material : Q235 steel or Mg-Zn alloy.

Surface Treatment:  Cold galvanized or hot galvanized or plastic coating

Life time:   Cold Galvanization ——8~10 years

                 Hot Dip Galvanization——15~20 years                 

                 PVC Coated——15~18 years

Remark: Customized cage is available. For more dimensions information or special requirement please contact us : 

Email: steven@dingtuopoultry.com       WhatsApp+86-18790276708

chicken farm with 3 tiers cage

chicken farm with 3 tiers cage

layer chicken farm with 3 tiers chicken cage

This chicken farm is in put in three line . Breed 10,000 layers in it . 

We have favorable policy and price for different products & projects during different period every year, email us to steven@dingtuopoultry.com for talking more specific details please!!!
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    Henan , China

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    Surface Treatment

    Hot dipped , hot galvanized , cold galvanized




    90/96 birds

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      how is the weight of cage wire ? i hope it is strong

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      carbon wire material and chicken use chicken cage , send me price , i am in Qatar

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      i come from Mali , interest in multi-tier layer chicken cage

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