Hot galvanized feed silo

Hot Galvanized Feed Silo 

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Feed silo is used for middle or big poultry farm and livestock farm. Feed silo is a storage equipment for poultry farm. It is equiped with feed auger under the bottom of silo. When give chicken or livestock feed , just press button , the feed will be conveyed to the chicken shed feeding hopper.

The feed silo is consist of silo body , silo lid , ladder ,column etc. The silo body is two part: upper part is cylinder , bottom part is cone. On the cone part , there is watch glass to see the feed in silo.

Advantage Of Henan Dingtuo Feed Silo

(1) Raw material is strong carbon steel , long life time

(2) Both inside and outside is hot galvanized , zinc thickness280g/M², the inside is smooth treatment , make sure no feed attact on silo

(3) The upper part add gas discharge hole , easy let hot gas go out, feed no decomposition

(4) Watch glass let people easy to know feed condition in silo

(5) Scientific design let it no fall when big wind weather.

Specification Of Feed Silo

( feed silo used in chicken farm )

( feed silo installation )

( Accessories)

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