new chicken farm project in 20190311

In poultry farming equipment market, the whole set poultry equipment has entered a golden age of rapid development. In all countries of the world, industrialization of laying hens has been achieved through mechanized, automated, and intelligent equipment systems, thereby reducing egg costs and achieving good farm benefits. The application technology of the complete set of poultry equipment is the main problem. Choosing the right breeding equipment can reduce the troubles of later breeding. So before you start your farm,  the equipment manufacturer and the poultry breeding enterprise need close communication and cooperation to make the breeding equipment More suitable for the production of modern poultry industry.


When selecting the feeding equipment, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the feeding uniformity, dust generation, failure rate and accessory cost. For example, the feed equipment of the chain feed equipment is uniform, and the generation of dust is small, but the failure rate and the cost of accessories are relatively high. These indicators should be weighed.


In fact, some feeding systems are equipped with automatic feeding devices, which not only ensure uniform feeding, but also reduce the labor intensity of manual feeding.


When the drinking water system of poultry equipment cannot supply water normally, the solution is that the main channel of the drinking water pipe can be thickened to increase the water pressure, and each layer of single-layer water supply. More importantly, adding filtering equipment can reduce These late troubles.


Battery poultry breeding equipment have some advantages: save land, reduce land investment and a large amount of raw materials per unit area; high degree of mechanization, reduce labor intensity, reduce labor costs; can manually control the chicken house environment, to Reduce the impact of external environment on chickens. Chicken manure can be processed in time to reduce environmental pollution. It is an automated, preferred breeding method for modern poultry farms.


Poultry farming environmental control equipment is aimed at the problem of heat and ventilation in summer chicken houses. It can increase the air flow in the chicken house and bring in fresh air. At the same time, the flowing air takes away the heat in the poultry house to achieve the purpose of cooling, preventing poultry heatstroke and Heat stress.The temperature of the chicken house is not uniform, which is related to the effective ventilation and the minimum ventilation. In order to effectively control the ventilation, some companies use frequency conversion fans. The actual application of the air volume control is not accurate. When the production is mainly controlled by switches.


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