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More experienced laying hens know that the first laying period of laying hens is usually about one year, but this year is divided into three stages of laying eggs, mainly based on the day of laying eggs. Age, as well as different egg production rates, are generally divided into three stages: pre-production period, peak egg production and late egg production. The following Dingtuo will introduce the characteristics of laying eggs.


First, the early stage of laying eggs: the early stage of laying eggs mainly refers to the hens and chickens that have just started to be produced. Generally, before the laying hens begin to lay eggs until the egg production rate reaches 80%, they are called by the farmers to lay eggs. Generally speaking, It is usually from the beginning of 21 weeks of age to the end of 28 weeks of age, and a few varieties of chickens are to the age of 19-23 weeks. The egg laying rate of laying hens in the early stage of laying eggs is characterized by a rapid increase in egg production rate, which increases by 20%-30% per week. Similarly, the weight and egg weight of laying hens are also increasing. The average weight can still increase by 30-40g per week, and the egg weight increases by about 1.2g per week.


Second, the peak of laying eggs: the peak of laying eggs is the most productive stage of laying hens, generally when the egg production rate of the chickens rises to 80%, that is, into the peak of laying eggs. The egg production rate at the highest peak of 80% egg production is still rising very fast. Usually, laying hens are raised for 3-4 weeks, and the laying capacity of laying hens can rise to 92%-95%. Generally, the laying rate of laying hens can be maintained for 10-20 weeks, and the laying rate of laying hens will slowly decrease. When the egg production rate drops below 80% again, the peak egg production period is over. Now the average laying time of laying hens can usually last for about 6 months. At 72 weeks, the laying rate of laying hens remained at around 65%.


Third, the late egg production: the laying hens into the laying stage means the end of the laying period of the laying hens. Generally, the farmers will call the laying hens from the weekly average laying rate of 80% to the chickens. In the later stage, usually when the laying hen grows to 60-72 weeks old, it is the late egg laying period. Generally, when the laying hen reaches the laying stage, its egg production declines more than the peak period.


The above is the production characteristics of the three laying stages of the laying hens . I hope that the above description can bring some help to the farmers, and reasonable feeding and management at each stage.let laying hens play the best egg production performance, increase the benefits for farmers, thank you for your attention!

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