new chicken farm project in 20190311

4 tiers layer chicken cage installation 

With half months busy work , Dingtuo installation team have done the work perfectly. Our customer order 160 sets chicken cage , 4 tiers 128 birds capacity . 

Customer ask for automatic feeding , automatic manure belt dung cleaning and ventilation system , automatic egg collection system. Our factory produce and delivery on time.

After installation , the customer can not wait and put young layers into the cages. He said that now young chicken price is lower than any other time. Though egg price is not high as last few months , but he estimate that after 2 months , his chicken will lay eggs , at that time the egg price will rise , he will have a good harvest.

At last , he give a high praise for our products and installation team. He said our team let him no any worry about install , he just seat there and wait for put chickens.

Customer’s praise is our power , we will go on supply high quality product , lower price , and a good after sales service.

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