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In the process of raising chicken equipment to raise chickens, the chicken manure will accumulate outside the chicken house with the operation of the manure scrapper/manure belt. In fact, as long as the farmers use them well, chicken manure can also become a good fertilizer, and can also be greatly  improve the hygienic environment of the chicken farm, the waste will become treasure. There are many ways to turn chicken manure into effective fertilizer. Now chicken cage manufacturer Henan Dingtuo will talk about the reasonable use of chicken manure.

1. Composting fermentation method: Farmers can use the method of composting to treat chicken manure, so that the chicken manure after fertilization can be a good fertilizer for grapes, watermelons, fruit trees and vegetables. Farmers can choose to ventilate during operation. Good and high-lying areas, other farmers should pay attention to the choice of places to stay away from the chicken house and the residential area, the piled up chicken manure piled up in piles, and the outside is closed with mud. Under normal circumstances, the hot weather season can complete the fermentation in about ten days. If the weather is cold, the fermentation can be completed in about 1-2 months.

2. Drying and drying method: Small farmers use a solid-liquid separator to dispose of the water in chicken manure, leaving dry chicken manure, dry manure sold to fish ponds, vegetable growers, etc. Large farmers can use the drying equipment to treat chicken manure into odorless, dry organic fertilizer, which is widely welcomed by the market.

3. Silage ammoniation method: Farmers can use fresh pure chicken manure as a feed, feed cattle, sheep, and some can also feed pigs. The method is that farmers can use fresh pure chicken manure and chopped forage. Fruit, vegetable waste, or potato, sweet potato, grain, etc., after silage, silage should be kept at 40%-75% when adding silage, corn can be added, and appropriate amount of ammonium hydroxide is added to improve Digestibility and palatability of forage and chicken manure storage. After the fresh chicken manure is air-dried, silage is carried out in green corn at a ratio of 30%, and then the beef cattle are fed, which is almost comparable to the bean cake corn silage, and the crude protein content is high.

4, air dry pulverization method: This method is that the farmers will spread the fresh chicken manure in the plastic greenhouse, and pay attention to the thickness of the chicken manure to be less than 15 cm, and then stir, the farmers can use the high-speed blower to blow at the same time. After the chicken manure is dried, it is pulverized into pelleted feed, and can be fed to cattle, sheep and poultry, and the general addition amount is not more than 20%.

5. Biogas fermentation method: Many farmers know that chicken manure is one of the raw materials for biogas fermentation, especially chicken manure with water, which can be used to make biogas. Establish a small and medium-sized fermentation tank to produce biogas after 10-20 days of fermentation. Biogas can be used for living and heating, and the residue is used as a bait or fertilizer.

The above five points are several reasonable methods for the chicken manure that the chicken equipment manufacturer Henan Dingtuo tells the farmers. In addition, Henan Dingtuo recommends that the farmers try to use the compost fermented or  drying method.

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