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New chicks farm installation is ok . Thanks for our installation team.

Our customer adopt our advice on 4 tiers chicks cage , A type cage . This type chicks cage have the following advantage:

(1) 4 tiers chicks cage ,  it can breed more chicks than 3 tiers . As everyone known. Now the land price is expensive , and workers salary rise . Use A type 4 tiers chicks cage , reduce the investment on land .


(2) 4 tiers chicks cage , use automatic feeding hopper is more economic . If 3 tiers cage. One chicks cost is higher than 4 tiers chicks cage. The automatic feeding system and drinking system , make sure the high efficiency , let poultry farmer make more profit .


(3) The new chicks farm , use manure belt under cage . The manure belt can convey chicken dung to end part , it let manure cleaning completely and no bad smell in chicks house.

 Also it is will reduce disease and epidemic spread in chicks farm.


(4) Good ventilation system:  some farmer maybe worry that too much chicks in one shed is big density , may lead to chicks death rate. In fact , the chicks house use cooling fan and cooling pad. This ventilation system make sure good air inside house. There is no any problem , and stand in the chicks house , no any smell and chicks is full of energy.


After installation , the customer said Dingtuo chicks cage is best quality , and he will recommend our company to other farms around him.

Since Spring Festival over , all of our teams are very busy . Production team busy for produce , installation team have leave home for 2 months. And our sales team spare no efforts , day and night to make design and quotation to our customers.

We know that it is customer’s belief and trust on us. This give us power , We will insist on supply high quality products with a fair price.

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