A type broiler cage

We all know that the temperature in spring is different from that in summer, and the humidity in the broiler cage is relatively high, which will affect the growth and production of the chickens. So how to prevent the humidity in the broiler cage?

Wholesale chicken cage manufacturers suggest you can implement the following measures:

1.The site of broiler caged chicken coop should be high and dry, and the broiler caged chicken coop should be built in a place conducive to drainage, waterlogging prevention, ventilation and quiet environment. The broiler caged chicken coop should be built as far as possible from the north to the south, so as to help the insulation and moisture-proof of the broiler coop.

2.Because of the spring and summer air temperature is different, so we must strengthen ventilated take a breath, notice heat preservation, the average temperature of the chicken cage layer facilities not less than 15 ℃, and pay attention to prevent thieves, wind, etc., on the premise of moderate heat at the same time, should strengthen ventilated take a breath, gathered more moisture avoid chicken cage layer facilities.

3.Keep the proper feeding density. If the feeding density is too high, it will cause crowding of the chickens, which is not conducive to moisture-proof.

4.Pay attention to prevent water leakage of drinking water utensils. If water leakage is found in drinking water utensils, seal them or replace them according to the specific situation;Remove and dry the water leakage on the floor of the chicken cage in time to eliminate the adverse factors of moisture formation.

5. Actively prevent diseases, such as dysentery, gastroenteritis, infectious bursal disease, Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis, coccidiosis and other diseases that can cause the chicken to excrete thin feces and make the ground moist without active prevention and treatment.

Above is the chicken cage wholesale manufacturers summed up a few points to prevent the chicken house moisture, if you want to learn more about the chicken news information, you can continue to pay attention to our website.

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