Indonesia chicken farm with 4 tier layer cage

Chicken cage and poultry farm is a lot in many Southeast Asian countries. Unlike other country and zone , The Southeast  Asian countries need use layer cage , broiler cage and chicks cage that suit for their own climate , also chicken houses different from other countries. 

The climate characteristic in Southeast Asian Countries. 

Southeast Asia is located in the tropics. Most of the Indochina Peninsula has a tropical monsoon climate. There are dry and rainy seasons in a year. Crops are generally sown in the rainy season and harvested in the dry season. Most areas of the Malay Archipelago have a tropical rain forest climate, with high temperatures and rain all year round, and dense tropical rain forests. The crops are sown at any time and harvested all year round.

The chicken cage in Southeast Asian 

These countries are around by sea. And the whole year only have two or three season —  hot season, the rainy season. At the high temperature, high humidity, abundant rainfall climate , the common steel is easy to rust. So the chicken cage need special treated in the surface. Some supplier just sell farmer cold galvanzied ,and never care about the fact: cold galvanized cage in this climate easy rust in 5 years later. Henan Dingtuo as professional and responsible chicken cage factory , we supply our customer always Hot galvanized cage , guarantee not rust within 15 years time. 

The chicken house characteristic in Southeast Asian countries

For egg chicken farm ,  most of the farm use 3 tier or 4 tier A type layer chicken cage . Because the high temperature and high humidity and aboundant rainfall cilmate , most farm choose open house chicken shed. If use closed chicken house ,the work pressure is big and chickens safety is not guarantee. Full closed chicken house need electric always and not cut off , a big challenge in rural area. 

Open chicken house can suit for local climate and reduce the building cost. And this let chicken house use natural wind and natural sunlight. The natural ventilaiton and natural sunlight is very important for chicken farm. The details you can read: 

Click and read :  Do not neglect natural light and natural ventilation.

Our layer battery cages Project 

The customer use 3 rows 4 tiers battery cages system. Hen house size length * width * height = 80 * 12.5 * (1.6 + 1.6) m. Lower level of 1.6 meters for concrete structure, the upper for steel structure. So the chicken manure can fall into the bottom of the ground directly, no chicken manure pollution. Combined with high temperatures in southeast Asia, the manure can get faster evaporation, to facilitate a single breeding cycle ends, the underlying use manure collector to clean up.

The 3 row 4 tiers equipment, each row 36 sets, a total of 159 sets, each set can feed 200 hens,  breeding about 20,000 birds. The customers to use drinking water system, automatic feeding system, with 8 tons of galvanized sheet metal tower, with automatic egg system, further enhance the automation.

15 years no rust Hot galvanzied chicken cage 

With modern new technology ,powerful R & D team and strcit quality management system, Henan Dingtuo has owned undoubtedly the strength to become your preferred partner to build modern automated poultry farms.In addition,we have an experienced,quick-response project team which helps customers with poultry farm location planning,chicken house design and construction and equipment installation as well as provides product upgrade and free technical consulting services.

Please let us know how many chicken do you have and your land size.Then we can make design and send you price list.

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