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Natural light and good ventilation are important for laying hens. Good ventilation and natural light will help laying hens grow, and have the effect of stimulating vitamins and antioxidants in the body.


The key factors of good natural lighting and good ventilation


In clear weather, the morning sunlight from the windows of the chicken house can stimulate their growth hormones and increase their strength, and should not be enclosed in a dark room.


Natural sunlight helps stimulate ovaries to mature and produce eggs. Therefore, the chicken coops should have side windows of appropriate size, enough light can pass through the chicken coops, so that the birds can always get natural light.


However, strong direct sunlight should be avoided. Excessive direct sunlight may cause heat stress and death in poultry.


Adult laying hens need 14 to 16 hours of light per day. Therefore, from the 17th week, you should give the laying hens 2 to 4 hours more artificial light at night, otherwise, if the light is insufficient, the egg production rate will be reduced by 5-10%, so that your breeding income will be lost .


When many farming farmers design chicken coops, the corridors in the middle two rows are relatively narrow, and the effect of light and ventilation is not good, which will affect the laying performance of laying hens. Henan Dingtuo advises you that when building a chicken house, you should keep the walkway in the middle of the chicken house at a distance of about 1.5 to 2 meters.


Good ventilation is also important for poultry, because it can expel the odor produced by poultry manure, so that the poultry has good fresh air and avoid poultry heating.


Henan Dingtuo serves many customers, and the farms in many African countries are mainly 5,000 laying hens, mostly open or semi-open chicken houses, so make good use of natural light and ventilation to make your breeding work more efficient At the same time, it also achieved the purpose of improving the efficiency of laying hen breeding.

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