What is heat stress ? Chicken heat stress Solution

Heat stress is produced when chicken experience difficulty between body heat produced and heat emission. When chicken experience heat stress they find it difficult to maintain a constant body temperature.

Heat stress is easy happen in hot weather in Summer. The lasting hot weather let chicken eat less feed , broken and soft egg increase. This lower the profit.

The main reason is that chicken no sweat gland. If the weather very hot , no enough water drinking , no good ventilation system, chickens are difficult to emit heat in body. If farmer not take action quickly. Chickens will easy to die in serious cases.

The phenomenon of heat stress

  1. Eat less feed .

  The comfortable temperature for chicken is 20℃~23℃. It is best for egg laying on 21℃. Temperature over 26℃, egg laying is less . Temperature over 30℃, broken eggs rate will increase .

  In hot weather , chicken eat less , but have to breathe deeply to emit heat. This consume more energy. But chickens are unwilling to eat feed to get energy.

  1. Egg become light.

  Temperature over 27℃, egg will lighter 0.1~0.2g with temperature increase 1℃.

  1. Egg shell become thin, broken egg increased.

  Over 27℃ conditions,  below standard egg will increase 1% with temperature increase 1℃. If temperature over 39℃, this will cause chicken death directly.

  1. Layers weight decrease , easy get sick in Autumn .

  Because layers not eat enough feed . So layers health is bad and easy get sick in Autumn, a season temperature become lower and lower.

Solution for chicken heat stress

  1. Supply ventilation and cooling system for chicken shed. You can add ventilation fan , cooling pad , water spraying cooling system to cool the temperature in the chicken shed.
  1. Adjust the breeding times per day.  You can give feed less but more times . Give chicken feed on cool time , such as morning and dusk time, even in the evening .
  1. Enough water supply. You should give chicken water continuously. Make sure the water is fresh , clean and cool.
  1. Add Vitamin C or baking soda in water. Please notice that can not use them together. Add vitamin C 0.1%.  If add baking soda, it is 0.2%.

If you still puzzled or have problems , please contact us and we will give you professional guide.

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