Poultry farmer like to breed layer birds. The eggs bring continous money to them. So how to improve egg rate is important , and egg laying quantity is an important thing.

New poultry farmers always ask me how to improve egg laying by feeding . They do not know how many feed one layer eat per day. Feed more means waste. Feed less means less egg laying . So it is an important skill for poultry farmer to mater : know how many feed one layer eat per day.

The following is our breeding expericence when give chicken feed. And it is proved to be scientific and improve egg laying quantity.

(1) 1~10 days old layer chicks

Feed = days old +2g . For example, 7 days old layer chicks daily feed =7 +2=9g

(2) 11~20 days old 

Feed = days old +1 . For example , 15 days old layer chick daily feed=15+1=16g

(3) 21~50 days old 

Feed = days old . For example, 30 days old layer chicks daily feed=30 g

(4) 51~150 days old 

Feed = 50+( days old -50)÷2 . For example , 100 days old layer daily feed=50+(100-50)÷2=75g

(5) Over 150 days old 

150+ days old layers daily need 100g~120g feed per layer. And this quantity should stable .

So calculate based on above information, layers need feed :  

From one day olds growing to 150 days old need : 8.84kg feed in total.

From one day old to 550 days old need : 36.50kg feed in total . 

Of course , different chicken kinds , different seasons will a little different . Usually in Winter cold time eat more feed , in Summer eat less than usual. 

Every poultry farmer can calculate the feed consuming and egg laying quantity . Usually the feed/egg range is ( 1.9~2.3 ) : 1 . High egg laying period the ratio is 2:1 or below. If your feed/egg higher than 2.2:1 . You should check and find the reason, then take action to lower the feed/egg rate. If not , you will make less money.

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