In 2018 Spring Festival , i visit my friends chicken farm. My friend is a hard working man, who own 30,000 layers , when i entry his chicken farm , no disinfect facility. This make me amazing . So i thinks there is need to write this article and remind all poultry farmers: Remember disinfect on the farm entry door.

Many poultry farmer take manure cleaning as an important things in daily job. They think that remove the chicken dung out of shed,then the chicken farm is clean . Layers or broilers can live happy in chicken cage.

Just like my friends , who always busy on feeding, drinking , egg selling, vaccinate . He is busy with his family everyday. But he neglect the important thing—disinfect on the entry.

Many farm disease and epidemic is caused ,spread by contact and touch. The visitors , egg buyers who go to the farm will take germ to layers . So how to prevent disease on this condition ?

We suggest build a small pool on the entry door . Every visitor, workers , egg buyer disinfect his food on the disinfect pool. If it is necessary , you can buy spraying facility and disinfect for cars that entry chicken farm.

Some farmers may confused and ask: what is disinfect pool ? We should put what in the disinfect pool ?

Use for cars disinfect 

  1. Sodium dichloro cyanurate ( your first choice). You can buy sodium dichloro cyanurate , attenuation it with water( sodium dichloro cyanurate: water =1;500 ).
  1. Omnicide ( main ingredient is glutaraldehyde ). Attenuation ratio is Omnicide: Water=1: 300.
  1. Caustic soda ( NaoH ) .

If you use sodium dichloro cyanurate , you can add 1kg new disinfector every day. About 7 days later , you can change the whole disinfector in the pool.

Use for disinfect pool , person disinfect 

  1. Sodium dichloro cyanurate ( your first choice). Sodium dichloro cyanurate: Water =1;200

The workers , visitors , egg buyers should put their foot on the disinfect pool. Then allowed to go into chicken farm , chicken shed.

We always say: Details decided success or fail. Devil always hide himself in details . we hope every farmer not neglect it.This job is important and easy to do. Poultry owners who read this article , please check your chicken farm. If no disinfector on the entry door, take action as quick as possible.

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