New poultry farmers usually ask me one question: How to build a standard poultry house ?  They are puzzled and not know how to start building chicken house. 

We know poultry farm when go to poultry disease diagnosis , or pass on breeding knowledge. We find some poultry house is not standard. Disease usually happened in these farms . A poor shed sometime cuase a big lose for poultry farmers.

1. What materials can be used to build poultry house ?

One of our customer in African use wood build full open chicken house. Once a time the worker smoke cause fire disastar. So we suggest you use materials not easy to get fire. Also the materials strong enough so that bear big snow , big wind , big rains, earthquake etc . At the same time , poultry house should heat preservation.

So we suggest the following materails :

(1) brick+cement as wall , wood roof .

(2) PU sandwich wall , PU sandwich roof 

Usually in African , southeast Asian countries’ open house, use wood column as support , wood roof . The wood column support the wood roof. The floor is high and 2 meters higher than ground.Chicken manure can fall on ground.

Advice on poultry house

The house width

East-west direction is suggested . Because this direction can let house get enough sunlight. Good sunlight in the chicken shed let layers see the feed and nipples clearly, extend egg laying period.

The house length

For semi-closed/ full colsed house, usually 8ft~12ft from the ground to eave. 14ft~15ft from ground to roof .

For full open poultry house , 6ft~8ft from ground to eave. 8ft~10ft from ground to roof.

Around the chicken house , you should cover by wire mesh and canvas. The side come from wind should also be covered.

The house floor 

The floor use concrete and keep the floor horizontal, cleaning. 

If you use manure scrapper , you should dig hole on ground .

If use manure belt , just keep the floor horizontal. 

Broilers feeding on ground

Make sure one broiler occupy 1 square feet .For example , 2000 broilers , you should build house 100ft by 20 ft . For layers , we suggest not breed them on ground.

Chicken in chicken cage

We take common size chicken cage as example. If you use other size cage , you can contact us to get the design and quoation: 24 hours Whatsapp+86 13213076546     Email:

1. 5000 birds. Poultry house size 45m by 7m , 2 rows.

2. 10,000 birds . Poultry house size 90m by 7m, 2 rows

3. 15,000+ birds.  Usually need to use automatic feeding system, we suggest leave more space at house beginning and end. Send email to use we make design for you.

4. 30,000+ birds. Outside house ,leave space for silo. On this condition use customized size cage. Details house size , please send email and we make design.

Feed store room
Make room for a feeds store which should be rodent proof. The house should not have access to rodents or wild birds.

Other rooms
Different farms need different design, like security room, egg stock room, broiler processing room and so on.

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