Do you know the relationship between “raising chicken and light”?

How many people know about the effects of light on chickens during aquaculture? The side effects of certain light can greatly affect the growth, weight gain and egg production rate of the chicken! Some farming friends are experiencing this situation, but they do not know the relationship between chicken and light, so they are suffering from some losses that should not be lost, but they do not know why they waste the breeding efficiency for any reason! It’s just light, follow Dingtuo to explore the mystery of “light and chicken”!

Today Dingtuo takes everyone to know about red, green, blue, and yellow light. How do these four common colors affect the chickens of all ages!


First, red light

Red light has a great influence on the sexual function of the breeder, which can reduce the fertilization rate of the eggs. In addition, red light has a great influence on chickens in the growth stage, which can cause delays in maturity and reduce the growth rate of chickens. Therefore, chicks and young chickens in development should be prohibited from using red light! But for mature laying hens, red light is good for egg production.


Second, green light

The laying rate of laying hens with long-term exposure to green light is significantly lower than normal, and the peak period of egg production is shortened, and the quality of eggs is relatively decreased. Therefore, laying hens are not allowed to illuminate green light!


Third, blue light

If your chicken has a cockroach phenomenon, don’t just consider the lack of vitamins and minerals. You should also consider the light. If the light is strong, it will cause sputum. Blu-ray will also cause sputum. The effects on chickens of all ages are very large, and the resistance to illuminating blue chickens will be seriously reduced, so the house must be banned from blue light!


Fourth, yellow light

Yellow light can also induce chicken mites, and will reduce the egg production rate of laying hens, so that the hens will reduce the fertilization rate. So no matter what chicken, what ages of chicken should be banned!


Chicken is a photosensitive animal. There is no size for breeding. It is said that raising chicken is to raise the intestines. Dingtuo wants to emphasize that raising chicken is also raising details, and the details are done. I believe that your farming will not be bad!

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