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Four points of attention for laying hen feed

In the process of raising chickens in laying hen cages, farmers should think that laying hens should play better performance. In addition to paying attention to daily feeding management, feeding work is also very important. The key to the nutrition of chickens is the key, so the feeding farmer can’t ignore it. The following Dingtuo will tell the farmers about the four precautions of feeding the laying hens. I hope the farmers can avoid the misunderstanding and feed the laying hens reasonably.

1. Do not feed the chicken with raw bean cake: protein is the necessary nutrients in the egg chicken, and the bean cake farmers know that it is a good protein nutrient raw material, but the raw bean cake contains anti-trypsin, hemagglutinin and other substances. Feeding chicken directly with it will not only reduce the utilization of bean cake, but also hinder the growth and development of chickens and affect the laying of eggs. The correct way is to cook the raw bean cake and destroy the harmful substances. After the chicken is eaten, it can develop quickly and produce more eggs.

2.Feed the chickens with no more fishmeal: Animal feed is also a nutrient raw material that farmers often add. Fishmeal is a kind of animal raw material rich in high protein, which is an essential substance in the feed, but if the farmer gives the chicken Feeding more fish meal not only increases costs, but also makes chickens suffer from vomiting. Therefore, when using fishmeal to prepare feed, the dosage must be controlled below 10%. At the same time, the chickens must be carefully observed. Once vomiting is found, the amount of fishmeal should be adjusted in time.

3. The eggshell is not sterilized. Don’t feed the chicken: The formation of the eggshell requires a lot of calcium, so calcium is an indispensable nutrient in the production of laying hens. The same eggshell is also a good calcium feed, feeding eggs. The shell is easy to absorb, improve the egg production rate, and has a good effect on preventing and treating rickets and soft eggs. Therefore, it is very popular among farmers. Most farmers will feed the eggs and shells for calcium supplementation. However, farmers should pay attention to the easy deterioration of eggshells and the long-term storage of edible eggshells. Therefore, the eggshell should be dried, strictly disinfected and properly stored, in order to receive good results.

4. The original grain food should not be fed to the chicken: Many farmers choose to use the original grain of food to feed the hens and chickens in order to save trouble. However, this is wrong. If the farmers use the original grain to feed the chicken, they will waste food. There is no good benefit, because the chicken has no teeth, the digestive tract is short, and the original grain is difficult to digest. It can not meet the nutritional needs of the chicken. Therefore, the raw grain should be crushed in the process of use, and the effect of feeding the chicken into the compound feed is better than the original grain. Feeding chicken is much better.

The above is the four “don’t” in the process of feeding  chickens in  cages that Dingtuo tells the farmers. I hope that the farmers can pay attention to the above wrong feeding methods after learning these contents, use scientific and reasonable method. Feeding the laying hens to improve the economic efficiency .

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