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In African countries , more and more farmers breed egg chicken or broiler chickens. So the baby chicks and day old chicks is demand in large quantity. So some clever farmer start breed baby chicks and sell chicks chicken to other farmer. Henan Dingtuo as professional and reliable poultry equipment factory , give you helpful tips to start a successful chicks farm.

1. Choose brooder or chicks cage

There are two ways to raise one-day-old chicks. One is a brooder, which is a space enclosed by a fence, used for rearing chicks, and the other is a brooder cage. One-day-old chicks are placed directly in the brooder cage .


The brooder, as the first home of the chicks, is very important for the growth and development of the chicks in the later period. The minimum space required for each chick is 2.5 square feet, so according to your breeding number, build a suitable size and size brooder. The bottom of the brooder should have a clean layer of bedding (plastic net, dry wood chips, or soft hay or the like). When the chicks are about a month old, you should add a habitat about 4 feet low to the chick’s floor to encourage the chicks to start roosting. In China, chicks are raised on the ground, often using plastic nets. This manure is dropped to the ground and then cleaned away. It is not only clean, but also convenient to manage and reduce disease.


A brood cage is used, and a plastic pad net is added at the bottom of the cage net to protect the chicken feet from being injured. Like brooders, cages need to keep enough space for chicks, usually each chick needs at least 196 cm² of active space. With the growth of one-day-old chicks, gradually increase the activity space.


2. Keep warm

To maintain the temperature of the chick house, you must provide a heat source. Properly distributed heat source location can ensure the proper distribution of heat, so that the temperature of the house is average, and will not overheat the chicks and partially heat them.


Heating usually uses a heating umbrella or heating, etc. For specific heating methods, contact Henan Dingtuo, we will give you a heating solution.


3. Chicken feed

Barrels and buckets should be reasonably distributed so that every chick can eat food. Unhealthy and unhygienic feed supply, as well as non-dry, unclean spaces and too narrow spaces can damage the health of the chicks.


For feed feeding of layer chickens and broiler chickens, you can read this article


4.  Maintain an adequate and clean water supply

For healthy young chicks, enough water must be added every day. Make sure you always provide clean, fresh drinking water for the chicks. In addition, the water pot should be placed away from the heater. Fill the kettle with marble and pebbles to prevent the chicken from accidentally falling into drowning or being soaked.

In the baby chicken cages we provide, the water tanks for the chicks should be kept at an appropriate distance, and the water should be properly aligned and distributed to ensure that the chicks are provided with equal drinking water.


5. Enough activity space

Make sure that each chick has enough space so that they have enough space for activities and play time. Similarly, the balanced distribution of space and food can ensure the prevention of various diseases that may be transmitted by air or water,

When you check the design of our chick cages, you will find that this design method can provide equal space and air for each chick you raise in it.


6. Hygiene of the chicken house

Use ground breeding to clean the house in time, clean up the feces, and prevent the chickens from contracting diseases. Sand can be placed on the ground, and the sand can be replaced regularly to provide a healthy environment for your poultry.


If the chicks are raised in a brooder cage, the dropping feces should be cleaned regularly to keep the house clean and hygienic. In general, the use of chick cages is cleaner and more hygienic than ground breeding.


The most important thing is, whether it is to raise chicks on the ground or to raise chicks in the brood cages, the purpose is to ensure that the chicks from 1 to 3 weeks are properly cared for and balanced growth. The growing conditions of mature chickens and chicks are obviously different, so an activity space is designed for chicks in a friendly way, with good food and water supply, and the density of chicks. Correctly maintain the correct placement of feed pots and water pots, the correct placement of light sources and temperature sources, and the balanced distribution of space for each chicken, so that chick breeding achieves good economic benefits. 

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