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Many new poultry farmer who plan to start chicken farm , usually consult Henan Dingtuo Machinery and ask a lot of questions . One question is that :  How many water per layer chicken drink per day ?

They want to know this so that they can calcutae the total water volume supply per day. Then they can dig well and prepare the water supply in advance before buy baby chicks , before buy layer chicken cages. 

Henan Dingtuo Machinery , as professional in poultry farm project , we  would like to share it to more farmers , let they can prepare the water supply before layer cage arrived at their chicken farm.

In different ages , the layer chicken birds need different volume water supply. The following form will let you clear .

One layer chicken water demand from 1 day old to 500 days old 

For chicks from 1 to 6 weeks, the daily water consumption of each chicken is 20-100ml

For young chickens between 7-12 weeks, the daily water consumption of each chicken is 100-200ml

Drinking water at different temperatures and different feed intakes is different. Under normal conditions.

  • when temperature and environment are 20 degrees,  water intake = feed intake × 2
  • when temperature is 30 degrees, the water intake = feed intake × 5

Water consumption of laying hens with different egg production rates: when the egg production is 50%, the water requirement for laying hens is 170ml per chicken per day

Water consumption in different seasons: 100ml per chicken per day in winter, 200ml per chicken in spring and autumn, and 300ml per chicken in summer.

Water consumption of laying and non-laying chickens: The laying hens drink 230-300ml of water per chicken per day, and the non-laying chickens drink 200-230ml of water per chicken per day.


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