How to start poultry farm ?

This is the frequent ask questions .Some new farmers have no experience on poultry farm. They doubt if themself can do poultry farming well , do not know which type poultry animal to breed , how to start step by step, what to prepare .

Now follow me , i will share you ideas and experience on poultry farming. Give you details suggestions step by step

(Ⅰ) Can i do poultry farming well ?

Poultry farming usually is breed layers , broilers , ducks , turkey ,geese , quail. These poultry animals can supply us eggs or meat to let us have abundant food .

Of all the above poultry animals , chicken breeding is most popular and good profit .

Anyone can do poultry farming, it no matter with your education or financial background . Pay time continuously and hard work is the most important thing. Also , the poultry farming can start with any quantity . You can develop your farm step by step.

Now Bill Gates give support to poultry farming in Africa. Also personal, Mary , start her poultry farm step by step, now become a model in his local , and change her life. Mary chicken farm is well-known at her local market.

(Ⅱ) Choose which type poultry animals ?

Chicken is the first choice of all the poultry animals . One of the factors is that chickens grows very fast, short cycle let chicken poultry become ideal business. Layer chicken lay egg on 15 weeks old .Broilers will mature on 45 days old. For example , one poultry farmers may invest the loan within 30~40 weeks, he can start paying back through sell eggs or meat.

Potential advantage in chicken farm business

  1. Chicken grow fast and can be in large numbers

One healthy layer lays 7 eggs/week.On high laying times , 8~9 eggs/week. The egg hatching time is 21 days. So 500 layers , you will get 10,000 chicks within 38 days .

  1. Quick Return

Broiler can sell on 45 days old . Layers lay egg on 15 weeks . One farmer can get return within one year. For layers , you can sell young layers to others who want to breed layer chicken .

Day old chicks raising have become very popular in every country. Many people would like to raise chickens themselves.Selling day old chicks can be done locally as thousands of poultry farmers are looking for it everyday

  1. Large market

In every country , egg and meat market always a big market . Everyone can live without car , without diamond , but can not without egg and meat.

Children need at least 1~2 eggs per day. The phisical labour also need eggs to supplement protein. Who get sick long time also need egg to supplement protein.

Chicken meat is also welcomed by many people . Many people like to go to KFC to eat fried chicken legs. We also like to eat chicken meat on festivals .

When you read here , maybe you are heartbeat and want to start your chicken farm right now. Not hurry, read following. 

 (Ⅲ) Make your detail plan

  1. Choose chicken type

Layers (broilers ) have many types . Different kind chicken is different egg laying rate , meat weight , life cycle and egg/feed rate . So choose a good kind chicken is the first and important of all .

  1. Choose farm land

Make sure you farm land at a good place . What is good place to breed chickens ?

  • Location—Remote rural area will save cost on land (but make sure good road for city market). If you thinks transport fees expensive in your local , you can choose land near urban area.
  • Space—If you have a big plan , want to raise layers up to 50,000 step by step. You should consider the chicken shed in future. On this condition , you had batter consult professional company, such as Henan Dingtuo.Make sure the design is scientific , reasonable , low cost and no rework when you large your farm.

Tips: If you are a new person to poultry farm business. You had better not invest all your money into buying lands in urban area. Now every countries government is strict policy on environment protection, people health .Please pay attention to government policy on poultry farming.

  1. Do your budget

Make budget for all cost and the money you have is important . This can let you prepared before do things.

  • Birds cost . Different place , chicks/chicken price is different . So please estimated cost for the birds you want to buy.

Tips: If you are new to poultry farm, we suggest you start with small quantity.

  • Feed cost . Ask local farmers or feed suppliers , they know feed it very well .
  • Land cost . Do budget for land cost
  • Poultry shed cost . Consult and get an estimated cost for one shed.
  • Chicken cage cost . Poultry equipment usually layer cage , broiler cage , feeding line etc.

Tips: want to get the latest price for layer chicken cage , broiler cage price , contact +86-13213076546

  • Workers salary. If you are small farm , your family can do it . If 5000+ layers farm , you need 1~2 workers .
  • Other cost

Tips : veterinary drugs , water cost etc.  

The larger farm you plan to start , the more investment needed. Please consider your capital before invest . Avoid the project no capital when on half way.

(Ⅳ)Execute your plan

  1. Buy land

Look for a land not near urban areas, good road to city market , no noise , no pollution , good water supply , easy use electric in the future.

Tips: Not low place , because rainy days will let whole chicken shed in water , chicken died.

  1. Make shed drawing

Shed design is important . It depends on chicken quantity , environment , equipment you use. Consult professional company and let them make design for you .The most popular poultry shed is :

  • Deep litter
  • Half litter and half slats
  • Semi fold house
  • Chicken cage

If you need closed type modern farm , you need ask professional and experienced consulting company help you .

Tips: chicken shed drawing   chicken cage layout

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  1. Build the shed

Build your shed as drawing and cost budget

  1. Employ workers

Besides the common workers , you can employ a worker who know feeding knowledge, such as infection and immune defense , egg laying improvement , feed proportion to make broiler growing fast

  1. Buy poultry battery cage

Different cage is used , because farm birds quantity different . Many customer ask questions ,i think i can give them more tips, so i will post detail in the following blogs, such as

How to make a recycle farm ?

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What is the best design of poultry house in different countries ?

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  1. Buy birds , buy chicken feed
  2. A veterinarian as your counselor.

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