poultry farm with 4 tiers cage

Poultry layer cage have A type and H type . Poultry cages from Henan Dingtuo is strong and long life time. All the cage accessories is high quality. We are professional and experienced engineer make sure the shed design is reasonable , scientific and low cost .

Layer chicken cage of A type suit for small and middle scale chicken farm from 1000 birds to 30,000 birds. H type suit for over 30,000 birds chicken farm. Most of the time , H type suit for 50,000 and 100,000 birds chicken farm.

Raising period is from 60 days old until 500 days old. The chicks grow in chicks cage for 60 days old , then transfer to layer cage . About 16 weeks old , layer will lay eggs . The poultry cage bottom is 7 degree slope , so eggs fall to the egg tray.

About 72 weeks old , the layers is less egg laying but eat fixed chicken feed. On this time the layer chickens will be sold and weed out.

layer chicken cage

Type : A type and H type chicken cage

A Type: 1950*350*380mm

H type: 1800*600*500mm

Tiers;3/4/5/6/8 tier

capacity: 90, 96, 120, 128, 144,160,192,200,248………

More about layer cage
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The details size of A type and H type layer cage

poultry layer cage specification

The list of automatic layer cage system

  • A type H type layer chicken cage
  • Automatic feeding hopper system
  • Automatic manure cleaning system, maure scrapper or manure belt.
  • Auto egg collection system
  • Auto ventilation system
  • Temperature control system


Dingtuo layer cage advantages

  1. We use Q235 steel , which is strong and surface galvanized treatment ,anti-rust and longer life.
  2. Reasonable density , let layer chicken live in comfortable environment.
  3. Manure cleaning system , make sure the shed no smell and clean.
  4. Hot galvanized use new technology , the cage is smooth , no hurt for chicken foot .
  5. Automatic system easy operate , save labour and salary
  6. A type layer cage , one cell put 3 or 4 layer . H type put 6 layers . Easy manage and inspection , injection , observe.
  7. Hot galvanized or cold galvanized , time over 30 minutes , more zinc coated.

Different times , different order quantity , different exchange rate , our price is also different. Please contact us , get latest price .

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