solution of chicken eat eggs

Why my layer eat eggs ?

One poultry farmer complain about that her layer eat eggs . She want to sell these eggs to make money , but very sad , layer eat the eggs herself.

Some new chicken farmer are boring with this problems. Also this let them lose.

So let us tell you the reasons and the operable solution.

Reason 1: The chicken feed is less calcium element and other mineral element.

Usually , layer eat her own eggs happen in high egg laying period. On this period , one layer can lay 3~4eggs /2 days. So the chicken need more calcium element to make egg shell. If food less calcium , layer eat egg to supplement calcium. Also less Nacl can let the calcium absorb decrease.

Solution 1: Supplement calcium

  • Give layers lime—— economic method , but long time , because calcium in lime be absorb by layer body need time .
  • Buy shell powder or bone powder——The effect is good , but need some money.
  • Give egg shell to layers—— After you eat egg , make the left shell into powder , then give to layers.
  • Give layers calcium tablet or vitamin D—— Layers can absorb the calcium quickly than other method.

Reason 2 : Too much sunlight in the chicken shed.

Too keep the high egg laying rate , should keep it enough sunlight. But if the sunlight is strong and long time , the layer will become angry and be agitated . On this condition , layer will peck the eggs to clear up angry.

Solution 2 : Control the sunlight time and strength.


Reason 3: The food is fine food , no coarse grain.

Many give layer fine food to let them grow better and lay more eggs. But because layer is special digest system. Layer need little stone and sand to help digest in stomach. No coarse grain let layers digest bad , so layer need to peck egg shell (because it is hard) to help digest food in stomach.

Solution 3: Put some sand and little stone chippings in to food .


Reason 4;Layer is thirsty.

When layer is thirsty and no water , they also will eat eggs.

Solution 4: Keep enough water supply to layers .


Reason 5: The protein is unbalanced. Amino acid unbalanced.

The protein and amino acid unbalance also one reason can cause layer eat eggs.

Solution 5: Change chicken feed. Adjust the ratio or add coarse grain.


Above reasons , 1, 2 ,3 is the main reason. And supplement calcium , add sand is the first action should taken.

You can also use debeaker machine , cut the beak of layers . And put the layers into layer chicken cage. The chicken cage is scientific design , eggs will flow to egg tray. The feed trough will stop the layers , so they can not peck the eggs.

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