A type broiler chicken cage

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A type broiler chicken cage

FOB Price:US $70 – 120
Min.Order Quantity :10 Set/Sets
Delivery  Time:10~20 days
Supply Ability:20000 Set/Sets per Month
Shipping Port:Qingdao,Tianjin, Shanghai ,Shenzhen etc
Payment Terms:T/T,L/C,Western Union,MoneyGram,Paypal,Cash etc



A type broiler chicken cage is replaceing the pan feeding equipment in China . The reason is that poultry farmer have to consider the invest and return for broiler breeding. They tell us that pan feeding is low efficiency . One chicken shed can only breed 25000 broilers , but use A type broiler chicken cage it can breed at least 40000 broilers . One poultry farmer tell henan dingtuo engineer after he used the A type broiler chicken cage.

Why more and more poultry farmer change ground feeding pan to A type broiler chicken cage ?

The reason is following:

(1) Save land and shed : If 100m*16m chicken shed , it can breed 30000 broilers . But use pan feeding equipment , can only breed 16500 broilers . This will save your money to buy land and build shed.

(2) Save chicken feed: broiler chicken breed in A type broiler cage , give them feed by feed trough. The feed will not waste. But if pan feeding , the chicken run here and there , some chicken feed is waste. Also running consume energy lead broiler eat more feed but grow less meat.

(3) Reduce desease,good epidemic preotection: When you do epidemic protection for broiler in A typer broiler cage , it is easy and not mistake one broiler with another. But pan feed chicken run all around , desease will spread , not easy to control.

The A type broiler chicken cage is designed for open or close house . Compare with floor broiler breeding , broiler cage system improve the density and get the max land use in the chicken house. The caged broiler can grow faster and easier to control their weight by farmer’s requests. And it can also be fully automatic equipped with feeding system , drinking system, manure collecting and temperature control system in the chicken house. This let the efficiency higher than manual operation. 

Specification of A type broiler chicken cage

Type: A typer 3 tiers broiler cage

Whole cage size : 1.65mx2.25mx1.65m(L*W*H)

Cage basket size :1.6mmx620mmx420mm(L*W*H)

Singe cage size: 800mmx620mmx420mm 

Raising area for each broiler: 0.325CM²

Raising capacity: 10 broilers/cage, 120 pullets/set

Surface treatment: Hot dipped galvanization or electro galvanization or plastic coated

Raise period: from one day old till 45 days adult broiler

Accessories: cage, cage frame, water pipe, drinkers, feeders, other necessary fittings

Henan Dingtuo A Type Broiler Chicken Cage Project

( A typer broiler chicken cage project 1)

( A type broiler chicken cage installation)

( A  type broiler chicken farm project 3)

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    Hot dipped , hot galvanized , cold galvanized

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    1. Balu

      how much price

    2. Arpon

      A type broiler chicken cage use for 20,000 birds farm , quote me price . contain shipping cost to Mombasa port , Kenya

    3. Mohammad

      A type broiler chicken cage for 5000 broiler chicken , tell me CIF Karachi port price.

    4. Kevin

      3 tier broiler cage , how many broiler per set cage ?

    5. Rita

      your broiler chicken cage looks nice , but how to deal with the chicken manure

    6. Kashyap

      send me more broiler cage details , waiting for your reply

    7. Sampson A. Tetteh

      we are in Ghana , we are interested in your Chicken broiler and Layer cages with feeding troughs, water drinking troughs and pipping. In fact all the accessories in the cage. Kindly send us your FOB quotation

    8. Edson Adriano Canci

      we would like to know more about chicken use and steel material battery broiler chicken cage , we come from Italy

    9. Meliha

      we need large wire mesh chicken cage

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