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Prohibited drugs during laying period

In the process of breeding laying hens, farmers are more commonly used drugs, not only drugs for treating diseases, but also disinfecting drugs, immunizing drugs, etc. In order for drugs to reach good results, farmers must use these drugs correctly. A reasonable preparation can be done. There are many kinds of drugs in laying hens that can not be used for the growth of laying hens. The layer cage manufacturer Dingtuo will tell the farmers about it, and hope that the farmers will try to avoid these drugs.

1. Sulfonamides: In the process of breeding, the most commonly used sulfonamides are sulfadiazine, sulfathiazole, sulfachloropyrazine, and sulfamethazine. These drugs are commonly used in chicken production to prevent white peony and balls. Insect diseases, appendicitis, hepatitis and other bacterial diseases, but farmers should pay attention to the above-mentioned drugs have the side effects of inhibiting egg production, and also make chickens produce soft shell eggs and thin shell eggs. Therefore, these drugs can only be used for chicksand young chickens, and should be disabled for laying hens. In addition, drugs containing sulfonamides such as Jibao 20 and Taishenjing will inhibit egg production and should not be used in laying hens.


2.  furan drugs: furan drugs are generally used to treat and prevent chicken coccidiosis, chicken white diarrhea, typhoid and appendicitis, hepatitis, furazolidone is also known as Liteling, but farmers should pay attention to this type The drug also has the side effect of inhibiting egg production during the laying period, so the laying hens should pay attention to the use.

3. chlortetracycline: These drugs are tetracycline broad-spectrum antibacterial protein synthesis, have inhibitory effects on Gram-positive and negative bacteria, such as high concentration and bactericidal effect. Commonly used to prevent chicken white diarrhea, cholera, infectious rhinitis. However, farmers should pay attention to the side effects of this type of drug, not only will have a stimulating effect on the digestive tract of the laying hen, damage the liver, but also can combine with the calcium ions in the plasma to form insoluble calcium salts excreted, thus hindering The formation of eggshells reduces the egg production rate of chickens.

4. Anticoccidial drugs: There are many kinds of anticoccidial drugs, such as chlorpheniramine, coccidia, gram powder, nitrochlorobenzamide, monensin, etc. Similarly, if laying periodgivethese drugs in laying hens will have the effect of inhibiting egg production, and on the other hand, it will remain in the meat and eggs. If it is sold to people, it will endanger human health. Therefore, farmers should pay special attention to anticoccidial drugs to laying hens. These drug should be disabled use.

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