Full automatic H type broiler chicken cage

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Full automatic H type broiler chicken cage

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Broiler chicken breeding is developing fast in every country. Few years ago , many poultry farmer use A type broiler chicken cage , later use automatic broiler chicken cage (A type). But some big poultry company find that even automatic broiler chicken cage ,still can not meet their requiremetn for efficent. These company have big funds and want to invest more in broiler chicken , and also get a big return.On this condition , the full automatic H type broiler chicken cage is born.

Full automatic H type broiler chicken cage produced by Henan Dingtuo is a new and modern design. All the equipment is automatic . The cage size is good for broiler chicken grow up.The automatic feeding equipment , automatic manure cleaning equipment ,ventilation sytem , let broiler poultry farming so easy.We also add automatic collect broiler outside room machine. Save labor when broiler mature.Only 1~2 worker can control the whole farm. Improve the efficiency and profit.

Full automatic H type broiler chicken cage produced by Henan Dingtuo can be from 3 tiers to 8 tiers . Do not like A type automatic broiler chicken cage just 4 tiers or 5 tiers . H type full automatic broiler chicken cage can be 8 tiers . This can make a full use of the land . Just add the height of chicken shed .

Advantage of Full Automatic H Type Broiler Chicken Cage 

1.The hot galvanized broiler cage is anti-rust , strong . long life time.

2. Use less land than A type broiler cage , improve efficiency.

3. The automatic equipment can let poultry farmer save labor and save time.

4. The ventilation system supplly a good environment for broiler chicken.

5. Compare with automatic A type broiler cage , H type automatic broiler cage can save invest cost for per broiler. It is the first choice for big poultry farm.


Specification Of Full Automatic H Type Broiler Chicken Cage 

Cell size:  840*625*650mm    2cells/Unit

Capacity: 16 cells, 12 birds one cell, 192 birds totally.

Surface treatment: Hot galvanized 

Lifespan:  could be used 20-30 years 

Fittings:  broiler cage system , automatic feeding/drinking/ventilation/collect broiler system.other necessary fittings

Related Equipment Of Full Automatic H Type Broiler Chicken Cage

Full automatic H type broiler chicken cage is not only cage specification different from A type layer chicken cage, but also the related equipments. H type layer chicken cage use autoamtic feeding hopper , feed silo to give chicken feed. Manure cleaing system use manure belt to clean the chicken dung, add manure belt to remove manure outside shed and convey to truck.Especially , we can supply you autoamtic broiler collection machine. When broiler mature , no worker take them out of cage , just automatic system will convey broiler out of shed. All these equipment is more automatic than A type layer chicken cage.

1.Automatic Feeding System

There are three type of feeding system. The first is feeding hopper. The second is feeding pan in H type broiler cage . The third is chain feeding system. The feeding hopper thickness is 22mm. There is average device in the bottom of feeding hopper , make sure give broiler feed average.


2.Automatic Drinking System

Square or round pipes(thickness 2.5mm) with stainless steel nipple drinkers, and constituted by Water Pressure Regulators, filters and dosers from DOSATRON.


3.Automatic Manure removal system 

Special door deisgn at the end of the chicken house, can keep the house clean. The manure belt is 1.5mm thickness. Good quality enough to use long life time . And its raw material is PP or PE.

4.Automatic Ventilation and Centre control system 

The fan and cooling pad will keep shed in a comfortable temperature. The centre control system will control all in the shed .

5.Automatic collect broiler equipment

When the broiler is 45 days old . you do not need to find a lot worker to catch the broiler in cage. Just remove the plastic plate , broiler will fall on belt . Push the button and all broilers will convey outside of cage. This is extra machine. you can choose or not choose use it.

Henan Dingtuo Full Automatic H Type Layer Chicken Cage Project


( H type automatic broiler cage project 1)

( H type automatic broiler cage project 2)



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    90/96 birds

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