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How to avoid stress reaction when remove layer

Chicks on 60 days old , should be transferred into layer cage. Usually young layer have stress reaction on this period .

Why young layer have stress reaction ?

Because their living environment change , they are scared and strange to the new environment. So they have stress reaction.

If layer have stress reaction , they will delay lay eggs and need 3~5 days to recover . This is a lose .

So avoid the stress reaction if important.

How to avoid stress reaction when transfer young layer ?

Step 1 : when remove layer from chicks cage to layer cage , please be careful , not rude action when catch layer. Soft action will not hurt chicken , also avoid layer get scared .

Step 2;After put layer into layer cage , the layer are strange to the new environment . Close the light in the shed , let the shed no sunlight. Give the layer time to suit for environment , let them have a good rest.

And step 2 is most important . Please take care and pay attention to it .


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