chicken commander change poor life

This is a real story. Mr Ma as poultry expert go to one small village , help local farmer breed chicken, teach them breeding knowledge and poultry technology. His help is a promote to local farmer , let them get rid of poor life , life better and better ,become rich. Mr Ma also be called chicken commander by local people, a respect title for him.

Qingyang( Gansu Province) , it is a poor and less water place in Northwest of China. People at local is poor , because less water , the harvest of crops depend on weather: If good rain, harvest , if no rain , no harvest.

It seems that crops can not give them hopes for life. They have to find other business chance to let life going on.

Though they rear chicken few years ago. Many failed because chicken all die on their breeding period. So they give it up.

Now the country have policy to reduce poor people. So the country send poultry expert go to their village, help and teach them how to breed chickens . People in this small village , more and more family start breed chicks , chicken , benefit a lot and change their life.

Their first poultry farming failed , mainly is less breeding knowledge , less technology skills. Now the poultry expert give them conduction on chicks breeding , chicken feed , injection , ventilation etc. Change their traditional feeding method, reduce the death rate .

For example , one new farmer breed chicks the first time , she not know the temperature control in the chicks shed. In the evening , she leave the shed , let furnace burning whole night. The next day , when she come into the chicks shed , she is amazing all chicks die. She is sorrow a long time for this thing.

After poultry expert come her village , teach her how to give injection , how to control ventilation , epidemic protection , temperature control . Now she breed 3000 chicks , can stay at home and make money, no need to go to Guangzhou as worker for factory.

Another villager Yao breed native chicken. On the conduction of chicken commander , Yao breed chicken very well and earn 200,000RMB last year. 200,000 RMB≈31746USD.

Technology and breeding knowledge skills is very important in poultry farming. Now poultry farming not like the traditional, new times , we should learn and use useful method , use new technology to benefit a lot from poultry farming , and change our life , let our life better , happiness, rich.

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