manage wet chicken dropping

Recently one poultry farmer from Kenya write post and need help .

She told that now Kenya is raining season. The lasting rain and rainy days let chicken droppings become wet . The flies is everywhere , it is boring. So she want to get helpful tips to solve this problem.

When i see her post , I get to know the reasons.  

(1) Rainy days , the moisture is wet , so chicken dropping is easy to become wet. 

(2) Rainy days , also the hot weather time. On this season , chicken need to drinker more water to emit heat in body. But sweat gland is not strong , so the effective way to emit heat is drink more water , excrete with droppings . 

(3) On hot weather , chicken easy to get intestinal disease. So chicken easy to excrete wet droppings.

(4) Feed problems . The feed is not good , so let chicken excrete wet manure. 

Except above all , the hot weather days , chicken manure is wet than other seasons . But if too much percent , it is problems . Also let fly here and there , the smell is bad .

Above we talk about the reasons , but every poultry farmer not like it . Because just give the reasons , no solution is also helpless to the result . So how to solve this problem ? 

(1) Kill the fly.  

No matter the extent of wet droppings , first need to kill fly in chicken shed . The fly is boring and bad for feed . Buy some drug and kill fly.

(2) Increase the height of nipple drinkers .  

When chicken drink water , if their neck is not straight , water from nipple drinker easy to drop on droppings . So rise the height of nipple drinkers , helpful to reduce water drop on manure.

(3) If intestinal problems , use drug cure the diseases .

(4) Add ventilation system in chicken shed .

Good ventilation can take wet water away. So use cooling pad and ventilation fan, this will keep droppings normal .

(5) Change chicken feed 

Add sorghum in it . This will help chicken less wet droppings . 

Most important of all , clean the wet droppings frequently . This will reduce fly , and prevent disease. 

Use drug kill the fly,  use drug cure the intestinal problems . Because drug in your local , maybe not abundant like China market , so please choose the one suit for you, solve your problem.

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