Automatic parent chicken cage

Automatic parent chicken cage 

FOB Price:US $70 – 120
Min.Order Quantity :10 Set/Sets
Delivery  Time:10~20 days
Supply Ability:20000 Set/Sets per Month
Shipping Port:Qingdao,Tianjin, Shanghai ,Shenzhen etc
Payment Terms:T/T,L/C,Western Union,MoneyGram,Paypal,Cash etc



In the 1990s, parent chicken artificial fertilization is spread . Until now , many parent chicken farm adopt parent chicken cage and artificial fertilization. But with the fast development of parent chicken farm large-scale , stand and automatic ,the old way of parent chicken breeding is fall behingd. Parent layer chicken breeding usually use 2 tiers cage, it is artificial semen collection , artificial fertilization ,artificial egg collection etc. This need a lot of labor , a hard work at the same time.The layer chicken urban big spirit pressure. The layers have stress reaction after every time artificial fertilization.

The above problem let us must change the old breeding ways. We need research and develop a new way for poultry farmers. On the background of chicken welfare and automation popular and reconginized, we produce large cage for parent chicken. And equiped with automatic feeding , automatic manure cleaning machine on the parent chicken cage. Not only large parent chicken cage improve parent chicken welfare, supply good growing environment. But also automatic equipment savle labor , let parent chicken breeding suit for large-scale request , stand and modern. This will improve the competetiveness in the market.

Parent chicken cage produced by Henan Dingtuo usually 2 tiers cage or 3 tiers cage. Usually A type parent chicken cage is 2 tiers or 3 tiers , H type parent chicken cage is 3 tiers cage. For example: A frame 2 tiers parent chicken cage, it has 4 piece cage. One piece cage have 2 cell . One cell put 10 parent chicken (9 layers +1 cock ). So total one set parent chicken cage capacity is 80 parents chicken. The layers and cock in the cage natural copulation. The fertilization rate can be 94%~97%.

The advantage of Henan Dingtuo parent chicken cage

(1) Automatic parent chicken cage , easy and good for large-scale parent chicken breeding . Also easy to control.

(2) Labor saving . Reduce cost on workers for semen collection , artificial fertiliazation etc.

(3)Large size cage , improve the welfare of parent chicken.

(4)Reduce desease, parent chicken grow stronger in the large and automation parent chicken cage.

Specification Of Parent Chicken Cage

Capacity: 80 parent chicken

Size per set: 1.9m*2m*1.5m

Tiers : 2 tiers , 4 piece in total

Cell : 8 cell, 10 birds/cell. 9 layers +1 cock.

Surface treatment: hot galvanized , cold galvanized , plastic coated.

The automatic parent chicken cage equiped with automatic feeding equipment , automatic drinking equipment , automatic manure cleaning equipment , automatic ventilation equipment.All these equipment will save time and labor , improve the efficiency , at last reduce the breeding cost and benefit more.

(1) Automatic feeding equipment

This feeding hopper is popular . Automatic feeding equipment is ride on the parent chicken cage.Feed chicken when walking. The speed is 8~10m/min. This is efficiency , average give pullet feed than manual feeding.

(2) Automatic drinking equipment 

Good quality nipple drinker , supply broilers water directly. The filter will filt mixturer in water , Dosatron used to add medicine to protect deasese. Easy to operate.

(3) Automatic manure cleaning equipment 

There are two type automatic manure cleaning machine. One is manure scrapper , another is manure belt machine. (1) Manure scrapper machine remove parent chicken dung under parent chicken cage outside room. This system is simple and economic.(2) Manure belt machine use belt remove parent chicken dung outside. It is clean and no smell , no need to dig hole in the shed.

(4) Automatic egg collection machine 

Automatic egg collection machine on the end of parent chicken cage will collect egg. This is labor saving. Avoid and reduce epidemic , because many person go to parent chicken shed will increase desease.

(5) Automatic ventilation equipment

Cooling fan let the air in shed fresh. The cooling pad is water recycle system. When air go trough the cooling pad , it will take temperature away . So the cooling pad and cooling fan all is necessary to cool temperature in hot weather. A good climate environment will let parent chicken good fertilization rate. This is a big advantage of A type automatic parent chicken cage.


Henan Dingtuo Parent Chicken Cage Farm Project

( A frame parent chicken cage project )

(  A type parent chicken cage farm )

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    Henan , China

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    Surface Treatment

    Hot dipped , hot galvanized , cold galvanized




    90/96 birds


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