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Layer chicken cages is popular in many countries. Many poultry farmer love layer cage. Henan Dingtuo is a professional chicken cage manufacturer and poultry farm expert .We will spare no effort supply high quality chicken cage with low price ,good service to our customer. 


layer chicken cages system for sale have A type and H type. A type layer cages used for small and middle scale farm , h type layer cages used for large scale big farm. Dingtuo layer cage system is best for egg prodcue poultry farmers . Our chicken cage is shipping simplicity , easy to install and repair , and improve egg laying rate. Important of all , our cages meet with chicken welfare , makre sure each birds a space standard . 

Layer cage is popular in China, Nigeria , Kenya , Southeast Asian countries. Many African use layer chicken cage to replace breed layers on ground. This reduce disease and improve efficiency, also easy to remove manure and do management.Most important of all  is save feed than rear on ground.

Advantage Of Dingtuo Layer Chicken Cages Systems 

1. Easy to install and assemble, automatic drinking 

2. Q235 steel and galvanzied treatment let cage corrosion resistance 

3. Labor saving and power saving ——Autoamtic feeding , ventilation

4. Not deformation strong U-shape hot dipped galvanzied cage , longer life span 

5. Save space , escpecially h type chicken cage 

6. Low egg damage rate , reduce disease and death rate . 

7. Liberate poultry farmers, let them have time learn breeding knowledge.


Layer Chicken Cages Specification

A type layer  cages capacity:  90 , 96 , 120, 128 , 160 , 200 birds .

H type layer cage capacity: 192 ,  240 , 288 , 384 birds .

Raw Materials : Q235 steel standard , Zinc-Mg alloy steel 

Life span: Cold galvanzied——8 to 10 years /  Hot dipped —— 20 to 30 years  /  Electronic spray coated——15 years 

Remark: Customized design chicken cage is no problem. Add our whatsapp+86 13213076546

Layer Chicken Cages System Contain :

Layer Chicken Cages Project Case

4 tiers chicken cage with feeding hopper machine

Tip of how to choose A type chicken cage and H type chicken cage.

First , you can choose cage based on your birds weight and size , your local climate ,also your budget. For example, If hot and wet climate , you can choose hot galvanized cage. 

Second , it is depend on your layer quantity :

  • 500~2000 birds farm. We suggest you use manual layer cage. With your develop and enlarge to 8000+layers . Our automatic feeding machine , automatic egg collection machine will be installed on the cage directly.
  • 5000~10,000 birds farm.We suggest you use manual layer cage+manure scrapper machine. The manure scrapper system clean chicken dung automatic , save time and labor, reduce disease in the chicken farm.
  • 12,000~3,000 birds farm. We suggest you use A type automatic layer cage. Automatic feeding , automatic manure cleaning , automatic ventilation system . Improve the efficiency and benefit more profit .
  • 40,000~200,000 birds farm. On this condition , we advise you use H type automatic layer cage . It is full automatic system and only 1~2 workers can manage the birds. These automatic system can improve efficiency , save labor and utmost use of land and shed. And it can reduce cost on per chicken( in other words , this means per egg cost is lower than other poultry farm).

We have favorable policy and price for different products & projects during different period every year, email us to for talking more specific details please!!! 

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    56 reviews for layer chicken cages

    1. Mohammed

      the chicken cage looks nice. How it work ? can you show me video how the cage work for birds

      • steven

        we send video links to your email , please see video on yourtube

    2. Omwega

      what’s the price ? i have 8000 birds now

      • steven

        my workmates will contact you soon

    3. hera

      I want to use this H type cage, it looks beautiful and save land for me

    4. Cliff

      i am a Ugandan and need to get layer chicken cages , i have send email to you

    5. Tunde

      i am in Kenya , layer cage for 5000 birds farm , give me quotation

    6. Victor

      i am in nakuru Kenya , i plan to start 8000 birds farm , give me price of A type 4 tiers 128 birds cage

    7. Daniel

      6000 birds farm , A type 4 tier 160 birds cage ship to Kampala , Uganda , send me detail price list

    8. Jide

      Abuja , Nigeria , 50,000 birds chicken farm , send me quotation and design

    9. Brenda

      interested in factory supply layer chicken cage , 96 birds capacity , i am in nairobi Kenya and want to house 5000 birds

    10. Francis

      3200 birds farm, use 96 birds chicken cage, give me price, also shipping fees to Lagos

    11. Jakson

      160 birds capacity chicken cage , send to Tanzania ,

    12. suguma

      chicken layer cage for 1000 birds, i am in South Africa, send to Durban port

    13. Mahmood

      10,000birds layer chicken farm, use 4 tier 120birds cage, automatic feeding and manure clean, i am from Pakistan , contain shippingfees to Karachi

    14. Deno yogalingam

      i am in Sri Lanka, want to start 8000 birds farm. quote me A tye 4 tier 128 birds cage

    15. Kenechukwu

      i come from Namibia, tell me cost of layer cage for 20,000 birds farm.

    16. lawrence

      i am in Abujia, Nigeria. send me price of A cage 96 birds

    17. Kumar

      cold galvanized 4 tier 128 birds layer cage , tell me price including shipping fees to Tanzania

    18. John

      i am in Qatar, breed 10,000layers, please quote me 4 tiers 128 birds cage

    19. SOLA

      quote for 5000 birds , i live in Abujia, Nigeria

    20. Nomvelo

      i am looking for chicken egg layer cages, must have a capacity of 200 birds per unit , i need you to give me a quote , i locate in South Africa

    21. Franklin Mercy

      i am Franklin from Rwanda, i am interested in purchase your layer chicken cages , may i know more information about cage : materials , quality and others

    22. Samuel

      i will like to know the cost for layers , i am a new starter , so 5000 birds begin. give me details . i am in Adamawa, Nigeria

    23. Felix

      This is a venture , i want to start 5000 birds soon with intention grow to 10,000 birds in 24 months.
      i am in Nairobi , Kenya .
      let me know the cost of 160 birds capacity cage

    24. Linda

      i am in Uganda, quote me 3000 birds farm

    25. Vimal

      6000 birds farm, use 4 tier 120 birds capacitu cage, send me quotation, not forget transport cost

    26. Jayan Perumal

      hot galvanized cage 120 capacity , how much ? i have 10,000 chicken in Mumbai , India

    27. Nomvelo

      hi , please give me a quotation for layer hens , 5000 birds totally .not forget including product pictures so that my partner can see it . and shipping fees to Durban ., i am in South Africa .

    28. John Lois

      we come from Indonesia , interest in your chicken cage , please give us more details

    29. Johnanson

      tell me price of 160 birds chicken cage

    30. Edward

      4 tier120 birds chicken cage, how much one set

    31. Rhoda

      automatic chicken cage with egg collection machine, use for 20,000 birds, tell me cost

    32. Kabata

      nice , i can know more details about cage at here, thank you Henan Dingtuo

    33. Roland

      please tell me 96 birds capacity cage price

    34. Ariyo

      160 birds chicjen cage, shipping to Abujia, Nigeria, how much ?

    35. Tosin

      i am in Uganda, need 20 sets, please quote me.price.

    36. Onlojolu

      how is difference of hot galvanized cage and cold galvanized cage?

    37. Irerinsola adedoyin

      i am from Lagos ,Nigeria , please send me the following price
      1. cage specification A type 3 tier 5 door , 1950mm*450mm*410mm , 120birds/set
      2.description 13 sets/row , 2 row/chicken shed , total 26 sets
      3. chicken shed size 30m*7m*3m (length*width*height)
      4. capacity in total 120birds/set*13sets/row*2row/shed=3120 birds

    38. Baryayanga Andrew

      We are an importing company based in Uganda. Our company is interested to order sales poultry cages layer cages chicken cages.Here is the informations about the product that we need:Material,Application,Use,What are your payment terms

    39. Lusaka

      Zambia lusaka layer chicken farm poultry equipment battery cages laying hens, quote me price

    40. Stella

      Hello ,please I want to start poultry business of layers .I would need a simplified explanation of housing, feeding, drinking care.

    41. Manzi

      layer chicken cages system , do you have 250 birds capacity cage ?

    42. Sohail Saleh Mayet

      i am from US, intend to invest in Kenya chicken farm, quote me.price of Q235 steel 4 birds per cell layer chicken cage

    43. Mohammed

      i am interest in your DT-160 birds capacity chicken cage, give me quotation for 10,000 birds farm, contain shipping to Saudi Arabia

    44. Regalo

      i am Regalo from Namibia, interest in your hot selling 120 birds layer cage

    45. Gadora

      i am a buyer from Rwanda , interest in egg cages battery cages for chicken farm, please give me more details , what’s more , do you have guarantee ?

    46. Erdem Arman

      20,000 chickens for egg laying production , send me quotation , i am in Turkey

    47. Ahmed al ahwany

      i come from Saudi Arabia .we need proposal from your company to accommodate 20,000 chicken with Manure Removal
      System,drinking system,feeding system and temperature Control System

    48. James Oladoke

      Hi,i live in United Arab Emirates , Im interested in your product , need more details about DT-160 capacity layer cage

    49. Abarshi

      Im interested in your product 4 tier chicken layer battery cage for tanzania poultry farm. I would like some more details.I look forward to your reply.

    50. Asmail Kolibi

      We are a trading company based in United Arab Emirates. interested in your 160 birds capacity chicken cage , send us price for 140 sets

    51. Christian

      i am Christian Akpong from Nigeria. I am interested in your 4 tier A type 120 birds battery layer chicken cage

    52. Eugene

      we need 80 sets cage , 4 tiers 128 birds capacity , give me CIF Malawi price

    53. Courtney talbott

      hi , i am interest in your layer cages , quote me price

    54. yini

      A type layer chicken cage for chicken farm for sri lanka , chicken use pull-up door

    55. Gude

      carbon wire material and chicken use chicken cage , send me price

    56. Luma

      i am from Belgium, interest in your 3 tiers 90 birds capacity cage , lower price

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